What about forgery?


The Exeter Pound notes are created by Orion Security Print with the following security features:


  • Tear resistant Security watermark paper with a distinct diamond pattern – best viewed when held up to the light.
  • “UV Dull” paper that does not glow blue under UV light as ordinary paper does.
  • Invisible red and blue UV fibres incorporated into the paper. These fibres are 3mm long and can only be seen under a UV light source.
  • Special fluorescent colours which glow brightly under UV light: the £E1 and £E5 are fluorescent orange; the £E10 and £E20 are fluorescent green; and the limited edition £E15 is fluorescent green.
  • An Invisible UV (Pink) image (repeat pattern of the Exeter Pound “E”) is printed on the face side of all note types. This is only visible under UV light.
  • The Exeter Pound logo in the bottom left corner of all notes is printed in a Pink Heat Reactive ink that will partially or completely disappear when rubbed with a finger (creating friction heat). The image will re-appear once it returns to room temperature.
  • All notes are serially numbered in white inside the gold foil rectangle on the face side. The serial number is also repeated in black (below the expiry date).
  • Each denomination of note has a unique hologram shape:
    • £E1 - Gerald the Giraffe
    • £E5 - Soccer Ball
    • £E10 - The Phoenix
    • £E15 - Rugby Ball
    • £E20 - Cathedral Green Chestnut Tree
  • A pattern in the Security Hologram foil with small squares each containing the following images:
    • ‘Security’ (constant image)
    • ‘BONDED’ (constant image)
    • ‘OK’ changes to a tick according to the viewing angle
    • A tick changes to ‘OK’ according to the viewing angle
  • A rectangle containing the Exeter “E” is produced in silver holographic foil on the face side of each note.