Exeter Pound reveals new logo as it launches design competition

The Exeter Pound project moves forward by revealing the logo and details of the design competition for the paper notes on Thursday 15th at 11am in front of the Exeter Bank building on Catheral Green. 

Exeter Pound aims to launch a local currency in the autumn of 2015 to encourage people to use local businesses and build a stronger community identity for Exeter.


Exeter Pound has been working in partnership with Nigel Lowe, a lecturer from Exeter College and his students over the last few months to create a logo that would represent Exeter Pound.  Student Lily Bedingham created the design.

Nigel commented:
‘This was a particularly exciting opportunity to be involved at the launch of a major community initiative for Exeter.’

Lily commented
‘With the additions by a professional designer, I’m even more pleased with the result. I hope the logo will help the Exeter Pound be a great success.’ 

Exeter Pound asked Si Paull of the visual and web design agency Sound in Theory, based close to Exeter College in Gandy Street, to help in the process.

Si commented:
‘I was delighted to assist the Exeter Pound team choose a design and to add some professional expertise to assist with the initial branding.'

Daniel Hillier, Director of Exeter Pound added:
‘We are aiming to create a community currency for Exeter, so wanted to start the project with the young people from Exeter College. By adding a local professional designer into the process, I think we have combined the best of the talent of local students and of the one leading agencies in the Exeter creative industry.' 


Today Exeter Pound launches a community-wide design competition for our paper notes to capture the talents of the whole community of people who live, study or work in Exeter.

There are four design headings : community and diversity, science and technology, culture and sport and the environment.

Eight designs are needed in total for both sides of 1, 5, 10 and 20 Exeter Pound notes.

The closing date is 16th March.

Gill Westcott, Director of Exeter Pound, commented:
‘The talent of a small part of the community of Exeter has created us a logo. To create designs for a paper currency we need the talent of the whole community. 

We want to create a community currency to connect the people of Exeter with the independent businesses of the city in a colourful and engaging way. These designs will be a key part of that process.’

Full details of the design competition and more information on the project are available on the Exeter Pound website: www.exeterpound.org.uk

For media interviews or further information please contact Ian Martin on 07980301058 

Notes for Editors:

(1) Photos of Daniel (smaller chap), Lily and Nigel (taller chap) with the logo


(2) The Exeter Pound – How it Works

The Exeter Pound would be available in paper form purchased one for one with sterling from service points in the city, or purchased online and paid into your Exeter pound account, or if your employer is a member of the scheme some Exeter Pounds could form part of your wages. The Exeter Pound would be backed 100% by sterling in the project’s bank account. It can be spent at any of the participating local businesses, as paper money, pay by text, or by online payment. 

(3) £1 spent in a local business creates £1.73 value for the local economy, but only 35p spent in a national supermarket chain 

[New Economics Foundation The Money Trial http://www.neweconomics.org/publications/entry/the-money-trail]

(4) To see how a local currency does work, some key facts from Bristol Pound can be found here - http://bristolpound.org/what