End of the £E15 note

As the Exeter Pound goes into the next chapter, we’re saying goodbye to our limited edition £E15 note, which celebrated the 2015 Rugby World Cup coming to Exeter. The special note, valid until 31st December 2015, 4 months after the Exeter Pound officially launched, is now part of our unique history.

Now that it has expired, you can no longer spend it in businesses which accept the local currency. But don’t worry, there is still time to do one of two things! Either take it to your local exchange point, and swap it for other denominations of the Exeter Pound, or keep it, as a memento of the year. Exchange points will be able to swap them for you until 31st January, after which time they can’t be accepted. If you’re a business owner, you can bank these notes as normal, up until the end of the month. To find your nearest exchange point, check out our online directory on the website.

If you still want to get your hands on a £E15, featuring Jack Nowell from the Exeter Chiefs, you can buy them on our online shop, in framed sets, presentation packs or by themselves. The £E1, £E5, £E10 and £E20 notes are still very much in circulation, and there is always a supply of these at exchange points.

All of our notes have an expiry date, 30th September 2018, and when this arrives we will phase them out in a similar way to the £E15. But this time we’ll be replacing them with a whole new set of notes, with fresh designs from local illustrators and artists, and hopefully many more businesses to spend them in! Until then, enjoy what our first set of notes have to offer, whether that be a spot of magic on Gandy Street, or a historic football match poster. Happy New Year from the Exeter Pound!