The Limited Edition RWC £E15 Note

** The £E15 note expires on 31st December 2015: So before then: spend it at one of the 130 businesses which take the local money; swap it for other denominations at one of our 9 exchange points; or keep it as a memento of the year Exeter got it's own local currency and hosted the Rugby World Cup **

 One of the sides of the £E15 note

It’s an exciting time to be in Exeter. This year the city played host to three of the matches for the Rugby World Cup 2015! Our spectacular stadium, Sandy Park, was one of the 13 venues for the prestigious international tournament. The eyes of the world were on our superb little city nestled in the heart of Devon.

2015 being such an exciting time, we’ve gone and commemorated it with a unique, Rugby World Cup endorsed (and it’s a bit of bother to get that RWC stamp on it!), £E15 note. Yes, that’s right a £E15 note.

Local photographer Clive Chilvers snapped our very own Exeter Chiefs’ and England star Jack Nowell soaring across the touchline. Look at him go!

One of the sides of the £E15 note

On top of that, Sandy Park is an avid supporter of the Exeter Pound and is one of the 130 local, independent businesses proudly accepting the local currency!

There are several ways you can get your hands on our Jack Nowell, RWC 2015 £E15 note:

  • You can order the Jack 15, uncirculated, from our online shop as a presentation edition, with a certificate of authenticity for you to keep. Either on it's own or with the full set of Exeter Pound notes.
  • You can get the notes framed, either from our online shop or from Exeter Visitor Information and Tickets on Dix's Field just off Paris Street (opposite the bus station).
  • You can order the note as it is, shipped to your door uncirculated but without any of the presentation gubbins. Again, you can get the rest of the notes too if you like.
  • Or, if you want to avoid any kind of mark up or postage costs, you can swap £15 sterling for the £E15 note at any of our exchange points. We will try and make it to the foyer in the stadium with a mobile exchange point, or we will see if Sandy Park would like to exchange them directly.


Of course, if you're not one for collecting you can always get one and spend it in at any of the local, independent traders accepting the currency across the city (it’s worth, you guessed it, £15).

Jack seeing his note for the first time with project worker Ian

Jack was so pleased when we showed him the design he ran off with our novelty-sized note (it's okay, we alerted traders, so if he won't be able to spend it).

So, what makes it limited edition? Well, there are only 5,000 of them (or rather there were, they’re already going into circulation). And they can’t be bought or used after 2015 – so make sure if you do want to spend it, you use it before the new year!

The World Cup took place from the 18th September to the 31st October 2015. Sandy Park hosted:

  • September 29th – Tonga V Namibia
  • October 7th – Namibia V Georgia
  • October 11th – Italy V Romania

Find out more on the Sandy Park website or the Rugby World Cup website.



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