Exeter Pound

With great regret the Board of Exeter Pound has announced that trading in the Exeter Pound will cease from 30th September 2018, after 3 years of promoting independent local businesses across the city as a proud part of the city’s history and identity.

The decision to suspend the scheme after the current notes expire was made after some difficult discussion and in particular a lack of progress nationally to develop the regulatory framework for digital complementary currencies. Like other community organisations, Exeter Pound has struggled and become another victim to funding cuts, with a disregard to the importance of smaller communities and traders in a world dominated by global corporations. 

However, we note there is now a greater awareness of the need to support and enhance community economies and this movement continues to grow in new and exciting directions.

We would like to thank all the Trader Members, Exchange Points, City Councillors, Council staff and citizens of Exeter who have engaged in and supported the Exeter Pound since 2015, and who are committed to the cause of promoting local businesses and their vital role in the life of the city.

The Story So Far

Exeter Pound is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, set up in 2014 to develop the city's own currency to support independent enterprises and promote a more flourishing local economy. The currency launched in September 2015 with 100 traders. It is run with a board of volunteer directors from across the city. Exeter Pound CIC has received support from Exeter City Council, Transition Exeter, Devon Federation of Small Businesses and individual donors.






"When you use the Exeter Pound, you’re helping local businesses survive and prosper. For each pound you spend they will employ more people, and re-spend more locally than national or international businesses. You can also be sure they pay their taxes, contributing to public services in the UK.

Using the Exeter Pound encourages a more connected and thriving local economy, where we depend more on one another, and less on the ups and downs of the global financial system. Goods travel less far, which is also good for the earth.

The notes bear designs contributed by local people, showing those things we value, identify with and that we are proud of, the special things that belong to us all."

Martyn Goss - Chair of the Exeter Pound Board

What do people say about Exeter Pound?

"If you have an Exeter Pound logo in your window, it's a badge of local ownership. In order for us to survive as little, independent sole traders, we need to be very closely linked so that we can support each other. That is why I believe The Exeter Pound is a vital tool for customers and small businesses."

Clair Bliss, Quay Presents - Trader

"Buying Exeter Pounds has helped me rediscover the City of Exeter and find new traders that I never know exsisted. I bought some [Exeter Pounds] for friends instead of shopping vouchers as presents and they went down very well as the can be used in over 150 different places."

Gill Baker - Exeter Pound User

"I get to think outside the box, come up with new ideas. It's all about interpersonal skills. There are so many local people and local places that I would never have even thought of without volunteering with Exeter Pound."

Eva Yang, Trader Liaison Volunteer

"I'm delighted Exeter Pound is now established in the city, adding a focus to the local independent business economy. I wish it every success in 2017 as it expands and the continued support of Exeter City Council."

Councillor Rosie Denham -Portfolio Holder Economy