Feeling brand new.

It’s a real pleasure to be able to showcase the work of budding graphic designer Lily Bedingham from Exeter College. Elegant and unique, our new logo was a collaboration between Lily and Si Paull, creative director of local design company Sound in Theory. We are very much looking forward to it popping up around the city.

Back in September, Exeter College teacher Nigel Lowe agreed to take on ‘Exeter Pound branding’ as a project for his classes. The quality of work created by the students went above and beyond our expectations: for first time designers the standard was very high, making our final decision difficult indeed. From some traditional designs, to others with a very modern feel there was a huge range to choose from, and we may well be in touch with some of the students for other projects down the line.It was exciting for us to see examples of what paper Exeter Pounds might look like, with mock-ups featuring the Western Front, The House That Moved and other iconic and beautiful architecture from around the city. We also saw famous faces connected to Exeter, including of course J. K. Rowling, though I'm not sure how I feel about a Gringotts theme.

On that note (sorry) its time to start sending your ideas in! The design competition is go, click here for more details. Anyone can contribute their vision of what Exeter Pounds should look like, you just need to get your work to us by 5:30pm on Monday the 16th of March. There will also be opportunities for those with particular skills to help us out with the finer details of the notes. Graphic designers watch this space, more details to follow.


We’re incredibly happy that our image is being shaped through a collaboration of different talents across Exeter. As a newly formed Community Interest Company we hope our efforts will continue to forge fruitful relationships and support local citizens. We wish Lily all the very best in her UCAS applications over the coming year.